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Today, I set out to finish my holiday shopping before “Black Friday.” It is my goal every year to finish before the stores change over from Halloween to Christmas.  Hardly possible anymore!  That way, I can enjoy the season, singing carols, making special food, snuggling up in front of the fire, enjoying friends, enjoying family, and hoping for snow!

I got lucky this year. All my grown children have been dropping hints. So for once they were a breeze.  Sadie has expensive taste, but she wants to try ski racing at the high school so skis will make her very happy.  For the grandkids, I always buy winter gear (one year boots, one year coats, one year ski pants) a book, and a toy.

They have a lot of toys—a lot!  Legos come in kits and I think most get built once and then forgotten.  They all have tablets, even the two year old, and truthfully I think those are the “toys” they play with the most.

I tried to remember what it was that delighted my older children when they were little, and I remembered one Christmas when my mother gave my daughter a beautiful handmade Raggedy Ann doll.  Oma had been so excited to find one just like I had when I was little.  Jenny must have been around 2.  When the big day finally came and Jenny got to open the big box, she squealed with delight, tore through the ribbons and paper, reached inside, threw Raggedy Ann over her shoulder and crawled into the box.  For the rest of the day she stayed in her box.  For weeks, that box was the center of her world.  She ate in it, and napped in it, and eventually even brought her new Raggedy Ann doll in to visit.

Luckily, I am a savvy grannie.  I know the second Frozen movie is being released for the holiday season.  No, I won’t be hunting with the hordes for the newest Elsa or Dancing Olaf. I am hitting the craft stores for cheap white yarn.  I am going to be making large, fluffy, indoor snowball pompoms—50 of them at least.  I will find big boxes to pile them in. On Christmas morning we will have an indoor snowball fight. The kids can use the boxes for forts, and we will have a little old-fashioned family madness.  I’m sure my grown children will toss a few.  My husband will definitely jump in.  I know the puppy will be thrilled, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I threw a few too.

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