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Summertime and the living is easy…. Grown-ups rarely get the long easy days they did when they were children, so ‘easy’ may not be the correct word.  Summertime is still unique.  The pace relaxes, but work still needs to get done.

My family is an example of the modern families people are hoping to attract to the Woodstock area. My husband has spent all fall, winter, and spring commuting back and forth from Massachusetts to Vermont. My youngest daughter and I get to live and work in Woodstock.  It is a sacrifice for our family.  We think it’s worth it!


In the summer we make a change. I become the commuter for a few months. Released from the schedule of school and sports, Sadie and I will head down to Massachusetts for the next eight weeks.

What about the Job Bank? Not to worry— most of what we do these days can be done remotely.  I will update the website and job board daily, check for phone messages and answer emails every morning,  and continue to publish this weekly newsletter.  I will also be in the office in Woodstock every Thursday from 9 to 2. So if you would prefer to see me in person you can.  We can even set up an appointment.

Summer is also the season for all the nitty-gritty business of being the director of a small non-profit. It is part of my job to write the grants we need to continue our work.  It is part of my work to file paperwork with our supporting towns. It is part of my responsibility to prepare for our annual appeal campaign. Summertime, in the cool hours of the early morning is a good time to work.  Midnight on the nights when it is too hot to sleep is a good time to work.  I’m lucky that I have a job that allows me to work this way.  I know everyone is not so fortunate.

Before we know it, things will be back to normal.  August always comes much more quickly than expected.   I will relish the longer time with my family, my husband, my older kids and my grandchildren.  I will miss the long summer nights in my house by the river.  I will miss mahjong and knitting, Book Stock, Lobster on the Green and all the other wonderful activities that are part of summer life in Woodstock.

Yes, there will be a change. My time in the office will be limited but the Job Bank will still be connecting workers and employers, helping people to find help for their odd jobs, and finding new ways to continue to serve our community.

Until next week,

Beth Crowe


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