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My son, Sam, travels for work.  Obviously during the last year and a half much of his travel has been interrupted.  Sam is a freeride ski coach and his high-level athletes depend on international glacier training in the off season.  This year as pandemic conditions started to improve and travel restrictions were relaxed, plans were made for the team to travel to Saas-Fee Switzerland for three weeks.  Sam had a passport that was due to expire mid-trip, so in April he applied for a new passport.  In April!  The weeks went by— no passport.  The months went by—no passport.  The trip was less than three weeks away—no passport.

Have you ever tried to actually speak to a human in a government office?

Sam drove from New Hampshire to Boston to get a one-day-turn-around passport.  Guess what!  T hree weeks was not close enough to get one, but he did talk to Roselyn. No problem, she assured him, all he had to do was call the appointment number and make an appointment when he was one week away from his trip.

Sam called and called and called.  Finally, he got through to Mark only to find there were no appointments in Boston, no appointments in NewYork, no appointments on the east coast, but (on the positive side) he could fly to Denver or Austin and get an appointment there. Really?

What choice did he have? The kids were depending on him. He flew to Denver.  Colorado is beautiful this time of year.  Sam is also a big road biker.  He would take his bike and do a couple of rides while he was there. Sam is a very positive person.

Wednesday morning he had his appointment.  Things went like clockwork.  He picked up the passport that afternoon.  The next morning as he headed out to the airport for the trip back to New Hampshire he took a peek at his new passport with a sigh of relief until he noticed his last name was misspelled.  You’ve got to be kidding!  His plane was due to leave at 3:00.  He wouldn’t arrive back in Boston until Friday morning and then he needed to go back to New Hampshire, pack up and drive 11 kids back to Boston to catch a plane on  Saturday.

So he….

Drove to the Denver passport office

Begged to get the passport corrected


Got the newly printed passport

Rushed to the airport

Arrived In time

Plane delayed seven hours. 

Arrived in Boston Friday 3:00 AM

No luggage or bike

Drove to New Hampshire

Luggage arrived in Boston Friday 11:00 PM

Drove back to Boston

Got luggage and bike

Drove back to New Hampshire

Packed up

Drove kids back to the airport in Boston

Made flight to Switzerland!

Was it worth it?   He says absolutely!  Sam is a very positive person.

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