Woodstock Area Job Bank

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Here in Vermont, you may not be familiar with the mega-vine kudzu. Kudzu is an invasive plant species from Japan.  It has been spreading in the South at the rate of 150,000 acres annually with   devastating environmental consequences. Once established in a habitat, kudzu is able to grow up to 60 feet per season, or about one foot per day. This has earned it the nickname, “The vine that ate the South.”

Not an exaggeration when you see acres and acres being consumed each year.  Kudzu was introduced to the South in 1883 at the New Orleans Exposition. The vine was widely marketed as an ornamental plant to be used to shade porches. That it does!  And houses, and power lines, and anything else that gets in it’s way. In the South, they spend billions— yes billions— of dollars annually trying to control it!

Weeds are like that.  You work and work to keep your gardens free so that your carrots and beans, petunias and marigolds can grow, but go away for a week and come back to a garden that looks like it has never been weeded.

Here at the Job Bank, we can help with that.  Our current list of Bit Time workers is available in this newsletter as well as on our website www.woodstockjobbank.org.  New names are added regularly and many  are willing to lend a hand to make sure that your particular “vine that ate Vermont” does not win the war in your garden!

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