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When my mother passed away ten years ago, my brother and I inherited her jewelry.  She had some beautiful things and she had a lifelong collection of costume pieces—gobs and gobs of them.  Some of the pieces had probably even been my grandmothers.  And I guess eventually if it’s old enough and unusual enough it becomes popular again.  I kept a few pieces and one Christmas Eve after dinner put the rest out for my large family to see if there were any things they might want.  My mother- in- law was at that dinner and watching the kids and grandkids paw through the bling she asked if she might choose some, too.  Of course I said yes.

My mother-in-law passed away a few weeks ago.  It was sad, but she was able to leave this world on her own terms, in her own house, so it was a good death.  Her two daughters inherited all of their mother’s jewelry.  There was also one piece set aside for her two-daughter-in law’s.  Left was a lifetime collection of costume pieces.  Thinking of the fun we had had that Christmas Eve with my mother’s junk jewelry, I took the box of Nana’s pieces.  I spent days sorting through everything.  There were twenty-four broken watches—twenty-four!  As I cleaned and looked thru the jewelry, imagine my surprise when I came upon a small box with three pairs of my mother’s earrings. I recognized them right away.

I put the pieces aside that I thought would be fun for our Christmas Eve swap. I put some pieces out in front of my house on a “free” grab table. The three pairs of earrings that had been my mother’s are back in my jewelry box.  I will never wear them—they are clip-ons—but I will keep them.  After all they came back to me!

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