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Greetings Job Bankers!

I may have mentioned in my last newsletter that I love Town Meeting Day. Well, that sentiment remains true this week as well. Over the weekend comedian John Oliver called government “sports for nerds” and I suppose I fall comfortably into that category. Bear with me as I reflect on the magic that was March 1st…


I will start by sending out a hearty THANK YOU to our friends in Barnard, Bridgewater, Woodstock, Pomfret, Reading and Hartland for your continued support of our work. Your votes at town meeting last week meant a great deal to us and to the many willing workers in our community. Funding that we receive from area towns will help to ensure that our services remain free and available to all. Thank you!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank everyone who participated at town meeting last week too. While it seems that it should be easy to get up and speak your mind among friends and neighbors, it isn’t always the case. Each year members of our board, Job Bank friends and I stand up at our respective meetings and put in a word on behalf of the Job Bank. That should be easy enough to do but each year I managed to get butterflies in my stomach an hour before I’m due to speak. I am, after all, asking my neighbors to contribute their hard-earned money to our organization. It’s a small amount of money – but a big ask nonetheless.

west_windsor_town_mtg_09_340x255In another demonstration of bravery, a friend of mine stood up at the Hartland meeting to show her opposition to an article that was close to her heart. It kicked off a heated discussion and the article was eventually voted down. I happened to agree with her point of view but was more impressed by her willingness to stand up and speak her mind. Her voice helped educate fellow voters on an important issue that might have otherwise been swept under the carpet. Brava!

Finally, and this is perhaps the most magical of all town meeting happenings, a representative from the Hartland Food Shelf stood up to speak on behalf of her most worthy organization. She wanted to amend their request of $500 and lower it to $150. She said that her group looked closely at their budget and felt they could “get by” with the lower amount. This stirred up discussion and her amendment was swiftly voted down. The “Nays” had it! They demanded that the Food Shelf take more money than they wanted. It was moving to see voters come together so swiftly and decisively to help the less fortunate in our community. Heart-warming, isn’t it?

Have a great weekend and again, thank you for your hard work and participation.


Elizabeth Craib


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