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Greetings Job Bankers!

Mark you calendars, everyone, next Wednesday is Administrative Professionals’ Day. (I’ve recently learned that it is actually part of Administrative Professionals’ WEEK, which is good to know.) I have an interesting relationship with commemorative days like this. Not to discount the value of AP day, but I have always felt that people should be recognized for their hard work and positive contributions all year long. Why do we limit it to just one day? If we have to be reminded by the US Chamber of Commerce that we need to say “thank you” on a specific day, do we really mean it? Of course we (most of us) do, but it does give one pause for thought.

If you have an administrative professional in your life – someone who works for you, with you or near you – please take a moment to say “thanks” and recognize the contribution they make to your workplace. Providing administrative support requires patience, mindfulness, and tech savvy, not to mention the ability to read minds and anticipate the most unlikely human needs. Doesn’t that deserve a pat on the back?

Up next: Boss’ Day October 16th!

Have a great weekend and thank you for your contribution to the workplace.

Elizabeth Craib

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