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Last summer when we bought our retirement beach house in Maine I threw out my usual decorator’s  hat.  This house is supposed to be our last house.  We looked forever and this house checked all the boxes except that it needed a lot of work. 

Work is good, that’s why we bought an old house. Putting our own stamp on things is what we  do, but with this house we don’t intend to sell, so pleasing future buyers is not part of the plan.

What in the world am I talking about?  Let’s just say I have been going a little crazy.  One of the first things we did was to brighten up the upstairs bathroom.  It was in pretty good condition tub and tiles clean and simple.  Walls dark brown. ( Who paints a bathroom wall dark brown?)  The walls were not only brown but rough.  New paint was easy, but bumpy walls were more of a problem.  My husband reluctantly agreed to wallpaper one wall. The choices are endless.  I spent hours going through samples online.  I want the house to be a beach house, but I’m not a big fan of beach decor. We are planning to eventually live there full-time so starfish and shells will get old.

Long story short, I settled on old lady swimmers,  Why?  Because they made me laugh.  Both Sadie and my husband think they are horrible and maybe they are, but they make me smile.  Yes, I am a swimmer and yes, I am no longer a bathing beauty, but I swim.  I play in the waves.  I ride my boogie board and I look with envy at the surfers.  I think I would like to learn.  So OLS’s  are on my bathroom walls.

On Saturday, I was at a favorite thrift store and there waiting for me was Bertha: a painted ,wooden, old lady exerciser.  I bought her immediately to go up on top of the bright pink medicine cabinet in the bathroom.  Why?  Because she makes me smile.  Why?  Because Sadie will groan.  Why?  Because sometimes you just have to do what makes you happy.

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