Woodstock Area Job Bank

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Today the sun is shining and everything is green and blooming. This week the Job Bank had twenty-seven requests for garden help—a new record. Driving around, there is someone at almost every house and business, outside, either mowing or planting. Things look magical for this long anticipated kick off to summer…

Salty drinks served with limes and laughter, lots.
Scratchy voices cheering for favorite baseball teams.
A lighter load, a brighter smile and a reminder to cherish each day.
You are lemonade stands, fireflies and mosquito bites.
You are ripe tomatoes, berries at their peak. Zinnias. Geraniums.
You are the smoke wafting through the backyard as the grill heats up and the happy laughter that lingers around the patio table at twilight.
You are the Ice Cream Man, bicycle bells, fireworks.
You are road trips and staying up late, and eating dessert first.
You are the lawn mower, humming in the distance on a Saturday morning. Steam rising up from the pavement after it rains
You are extra time with children in the house, under foot. You are an opportunity to say YES without hesitation and be present during these longer days which, somehow, fly by quicker than the rest.
You are all the things that revive us after a chaotic spring, and your memories are what sustain us all year long.
You’re only just arriving, and already, we imagine you gone.
Welcome back.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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