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I have had a haunting week.  Stuck in my head is the tune of a song, I Used to Know, but not that one. Having a song stuck in my head has caused me to pretty much think of every song I ever knew Yesterday.  I know it was a ballad-type song (Alice’s Restaurant), sappy (We’ve Only Just Begun), and very, very sad (Annie’s Song).  I know it not new because Sadie doesn’t know Mama’s Song and now it’s Stuck in the Middle of her head too.

Silly Me, but the tune is there every Lovely Day and If the Sun Doesn’t Shine.  And it’s driving me— and now Sadie and my husband— Crazy.

Did you know I am not the One and Only person to have this problem? Nope, there are Some People, Too Many People, Beautiful People, All kinds of People, out there with the same Problem.

How do I know?  I asked Google:

5 surefire ways to find the name of that song.

1. Shazam.  What’s that song?

2. SoundHound.  SoundHound can listen to you sing the song you want     to identify…

3. Google Sound search

4. Siri. Like you can for everything else… just ask Siri

5. Google search

I  have vague lyrics to accompany the tune.

Google search: song with lyrics been coming down for a long time.

Hey, Who Really Cares by Linda Perhacs

    Been coming down for a long time

    Changes coming down on me

    Can’t seem to carry them all now

    Been wishing there was someone else I could be

Oh yeah, that was the theme song from that TV show…

Hey!  What’s the name of that TV show?

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