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When taxis were yellow you knew who to call.

When summer arrived there was time for it all.

No school for the kids, and hot summer weather,

Daylight ’til nine to spend time together.

No ticks in the long grass, no cable TV,

No blasted cell phones that ring gleefully.

Pancakes for breakfast, drive-in movies at night.

Playing Monopoly, flying a kite.

I once made a chain out of long purple clover.

I started it once, then started it over.

I had plenty of time to get it just right,

Sitting under a tree in the bright summer light.

This fourth of July, take a page from the past.

Shut off the world and make the day last.

Have a picnic with friends, read a good book.

Go see the fireworks or sit by a brook.

I wish you the best, whatever you do.

And hope you remember to have some fun, too.

And if you forget what you did as a kid.

Get muddy and dirty, to laugh, love and live.

Until next week,

Beth Crowe


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