Woodstock Area Job Bank

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When you live in glass houses, expect to wash windows.  My husband and I always choose to live in old houses that have more windows than walls.  We generally don’t replace windows to save heat because we love old, wavy glass,  especially wavy glass in windows with lots of tiny little panes.  This year on Mother’s Day, four of my six children stopped by to give me a socially distant Mother’s Day gift.  They offered to wash the outside of the windows and the storms while my husband, Sadie and I washed the insides.

Kitchen area: 7 six-over-six windows, 5 fifteen-light doors, 3 glass-front kitchen cabinets. 181 panes in all.  Check, done!

Living room, 9 windows with sixteen panes each, 144 panes—sparkling. Check!

Dining room—easy—only 64 panes plus a 15 light interior door.

Bathroom: 12 first half bath: 12  second half bath :12 Master bathroom: 2 skylights.

Bedroom: 36, bedroom: 24, bedroom: 24, Master bedroom: 96 plus interior door: 15.

Mudroom: 0

Hallway: 0 

And that’s it:  649 panes of sparkling glass.  I don’t think we have ever had them all clean at the same time.  They look amazing.  Who knew that social distancing during a pandemic could create such a memorable Mother’s Day!  

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