Woodstock Area Job Bank

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The Job Bank is here to help people find jobs and to help employers find workers. But what should we do when businesses are closed and thousands of unemployed workers are collecting unemployment and hoping to be rehired?  Good question! 

The fact is, some businesses won’t make it.  That’s a hard fact to accept, I know.  Closing for a week or two, federal stimulus money and savings can keep people going for a time, but the reality is some businesses (and therefore some jobs) won’t be coming back.

You can wait and see or you can start taking some steps to prepare for what could happen.  I am not recommending everyone apply to Amazon for a packaging position. If people can start to look at their own situation in light of the new normal, maybe now is the time to take some online classes, to finish up that certificate or degree program, start something new. Is there something different you have always wanted to do?  Now may just be the time —the time you never thought you’d have— to pursue the career of your dreams.

There are college classes, training programs, and certificate studies available now online with easy access. There will be more.  I anticipate there will be some good deals.  There is financial aid and stimulus money.  Or if money is tight right now, there is Kahn Academy, Duolingo, Code Academy and EdX.  They offer amazing  opportunities to learn completely free.

I am taking my own advice.  I have recently registered for two online classes.  One course is called Social Impact Storytelling and the other is Trauma: Origins and Impact.  The world may look different when all this is over. The job market will certainly look different.  I want to be prepared.

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