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A few weekends ago, my family headed over to the Experimental Balloon Festival in Post Mills, Vermont. We had never heard of Post Mills, but it turns out to be a part of Thetford. We planned to have a family volunteer experience flipping pancakes at the annual Revels North Pancake breakfast. We signed up for the second shift and needed to arrive by 7:30 a.m.,thinking that first shift (which began at 4:30 a.m.) would be dead. We couldn’t imagine who would be around looking for breakfast at 4:30.

“Balloonatics”– or fanatic balloon enthusiasts– that’s who. The 40 plus balloons at the festival launched at dawn because hot air balloons can only fly in stable air. During the day, the sun heats the earth, which creates thermals. So the rise needs to be really, really early. We almost missed it by signing up for the second shift at the pancake breakfast. Luckily, because we had never been to Post Mills before and didn’t want to be late, we arrived early.
It was truly amazing. A perfect early spring morning. A light mist hung low over the field. The sun was just rising. Balloons are mostly silent and the spectators were too. One after the other, the balloons filled and rose, dotting the sky with their massive, colorful forms.

It was a breathtaking, magical experience. One we would have missed had we not decided to volunteer that Saturday morning to flip pancakes.

There is a saying: volunteerism is a currency that appreciates. Maybe so, but volunteerism can also open doors into a world you never knew existed. Like experimental balloons, or a new friendship, or a new skill.

Did you know the Job Bank does more than just connect workers and employers? We also have a volunteer job board with a wide range of volunteer opportunities as well. Each week there is an opportunity for you to reach out and discover just how much currency a few hours of time can bank for you, and maybe find a little piece of magic in the process.

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