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Two weeks ago, my husband finally broke down and bought a laptop.  He commutes back and forth from Massachusetts to Woodstock every weekend carrying two large file boxes.  We have all been trying to get him to give up his old desktop and buy a laptop so he can be more portable.  Finally he agreed.

I spent the weekend teaching him how to set things up. In the past, I have always been the one to manage our computers, but a new computer means a new start and this time he was in charge.  Until… it came time to set up email.  A long time ago, we created our email accounts using Comcast and have never seen reason to change. We—like everyone else— have had internet and TV problems before, but the email was sacred.

Not this time.  When I went in to set Tom’s account up Xfinity would no longer accept the password.   Strange. I called the helpline and talked to Jenny.  She was friendly and nice and she would send me a code.  I never got a code.  By morning Tom’s e-mail worked but none of our other accounts did and the master account was now a long defunct account from when one of my children was in high school. You can bet they had no idea what that password was.

So I called Comcast and spoke with Marty.  I am nerdy enough to have kept the file number from the first call.  Marty was friendly and nice, too, but he had no idea how Jenny had done what she had done.  Marty said he would send me a code.  I never got a code and now my husband was the primary account holder with my email address.

Things just kept getting more and more fun.  I called Comcast and spoke to Jean.  This time I had both my past case numbers so hopefully she could retrace what Jenny and Marty had done.  Jean was friendly and nice and persistent.  One hour later, she acknowledged she had no idea what was up.  By this time my account showed three primary account holders, which Jean assured me was impossible.  One of the accounts was in my sister-in-law’s name.  Jean said she would put in a request for advanced support and they would contact me in 24 to 48 hours.

Brian called that night at midnight.  Needless to say, I did not answer the phone.  I was sleeping. Brian left a message he would call again.  He did.  I missed it.  Then Brian called a third time and left a message with his extension number.  His message said to call if I was still having problems with my email.

Guess what!  I wasn’t.  We were back to one primary account holder— me—with the correct email.  But my husband’s email didn’t work.

No, thankfully, this doesn’t go on forever because I was able to go into my Xfinity account, change Tom’s password and get his account working.  So thank you, Brian, wherever you are.  You’re the man.  You fixed it and now I’ve got your number—hopefully I will never need it.


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