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Last night, we had our first family Zoom meeting.  Zoom is a cloud based video conferencing platform. I set it up all by myself, almost.  Sadie swooped in at the last minute to actually get me into my own meeting.  It was weird, fun, ridiculous and comforting to have all of my family members tuned in at one time—eleven little video screens all talking at once!  

My oldest daughter showed us her new house. They moved in last weekend and none of us have been able to visit yet.  She walked us around into every room—every room. 

My granddaughters showed us all the art work they had accumulated in the past week of unexpected vacation. Kiera, the five year old, had very detailed stories about each drawing. 

My grandsons went a little crazy showing us the “macaroni dance”   No, it’s not their version of the macarena, but a dance a babysitter from long ago taught my kids. The boys are practicing to get it perfect so their mom will make Kraft Macaroni and Cheese—now a special meal.

My husband sat like Buda, contemplating the weird split screen views of all our kids.  He is the least technology savvy in the family but Zoom made it easy for him to join. 

Sadie, the most tech savvy among us, delighted in changing her background during the conversation. Her best was a photo of a man running away from a hippo. 

Time flew and before we knew it our forty-free-minute meeting was up.  We all sang Happy Birthday to my 26 year old son.  His birthday had been the catalyst for the Zoom attempt. We all agreed that we should do it again.  After all, on Saturday my middle daughter is moving, the kids will have all started online school, Sadie and I will have refinished a couple of tables that have been lingering on the to do list, and one of the older boys will have moved from being in an office to working from home.  Peter, the birthday boy, is going to try and build a ski jump with the remaining snow at Waterville Valley so he can polish a trick he has been working on now that none of his very talented, very young, competition team kids are around to see an old guy jump.

The whole experience reminded me of Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other Crowe family gatherings—the kids stole the show and the grown ups tried to talk over each other, the dog barked and somewhere someone is banging on a piano.  We now have a recurring family meeting set up for every Tue. night at 7.  Next week Peter wants his Italian girlfriend to join so he can introduce her to everyone.  I guess I’ll have to dress up.  I can’t wait!

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